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Full-time careers

Why join CACTUS full time?

To carve out a financially and professionally rewarding career in an organization that prizes integrity, excellence, and innovation.

At CACTUS, you can

  • Make a real difference in the field of international research and medical communications
  • Explore exciting growth opportunities
  • Work alongside creative minds from across 9 nations and cultures
  • Be part of a rich work ethic and culture rooted in our shared values
  • Forge lifelong friendships and have fun along the way

Full-time opportunities

If you hold a PhD degree or are a graduate/post-graduate with a passion for your subject and the English language, we have an array of opportunities for you across fields as diverse as engineering, physical sciences, medicine, life sciences, business, social sciences, and the humanities.

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There are two distinct editorial roles at CACTUS: Editor and Publication Support Specialist. Editors use their superior command over the English language and thorough understanding of their subject matter to ensure that research manuscripts meet the stringent linguistic standards of reputed international publications. Publication Support Specialists serve as consultants, helping authors understand good publication practices and increase their chances of getting published in outstanding international journals.

Who are we looking for?

  • Candidates with a PhD in any of the sciences and excellent written communication skills
  • Graduates and post-graduates with a love for their subject, a passion for the English language, and/or a strong research orientation
  • Experienced editors with strong subject-area expertise and the ability to lead a specialized editorial team


All new Editors and Publication Support Specialists undergo intensive training  on topics such as grammar and language, academic writing conventions, and our house style.

Find out more about current openings and read the relevant job descriptions.


A career in medical communications presents PhDs, MDs, PharmDs, post-docs, and pharma graduates with the opportunity to work in an exciting, high-growth global industry outside academia. Our medical and regulatory writers/editors use their understanding of clinical research, drug discovery, and regulatory guidelines to provide scientifically rigorous documentation and communication services to pharmaceutical corporations, clinical research organizations, and researchers worldwide.

Who are we looking for?

  • Medical/pharmaceutical professionals with a PhD/MD (Pharmacology) or MBBS/MD (Internal medicine), knowledge of clinical research, and strong English-language skills
  • Experienced medical writers

We also welcome medical/pharmaceutical professionals who may not have medical writing experience but who have the requisite educational qualifications and scientific publication experience.


Our medical writers and editors go through intensive compliance and language training. The training covers topics such as GPP, ICMJE, and ICH guidelines; grammar and language; and scientific and medical writing conventions. Our writers also undergo regular skill-based training and are given access to a range of medical, scientific, and language resources.

For more information, head on to the current openings page and read the relevant job descriptions.

Full-time Careers